Preseason Discount Date Extended!

Due to the implementation of a new software program we are having a few hick ups,  because of this we have extended the preseason discount date to Jan.1 2020

Memberships will be able to be purchased online through the Revelstoke Snowmobile Club’s new software program soon. Stay tuned for the link!

When you purchase your membership online, you will still have to come to the Welcome Center to complete the membership process by having your picture taken and card printed.

We are implementing a early purchase discount at the Edmonton, Saskatoon, and Vernon Snow shows.

2019-2020 Season Early Bird
(ending Jan.1 2020)
Regular Season
Includes annual trail pass Primary Adult $225 $250
Secondary Adult* $175 $200
Youth (16 and under)** $50 $50
Senior (65+) $75 $75
Does not include annual trail pass Non-rider $20 $20
Government Mandated Day Trail Pass Fee $25 $25

*Primary and Secondary passes must be purchased together.  The named person of the Secondary Adult pass must live in the same household as the Primary Adult pass owner.  Proof of ID is required.

**Youth passes are only available at time of purchase of an Adult pass.